Go was invented three thousands years ago. Today, it is still the most intellectually challenging game in the world. We provide on-line teaching games, lessons and game comments by email to players of all ranks.
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This web site was founded by two professional Go players. We sincerely hope that through our teaching service, our knowledge can help to give you a better understanding of this fascinating board game.
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The place where we live is Guilin - a world famous tourist city known for its picturesque scenery.
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More info is available by contacting Liu Yajie at: yajie@proteaching.com


We offer 3 different methods of instruction.

  • Online Teaching games where you play and learn from Wang Hongjun or Liu Yajie. We suggest using KGS.
  • Lessons
  • Game commments by e-mail
We have "Special Offers" for students who plan to study long term.

More information on our lessons, rates, and special offers.

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