We provide on-line teaching games, lessons, and game comments by email to players of all ranks. Below are the prices of our on-line teaching service. The "special offer" is for people who study regularly and intend to study in a long term from us.

For Online Teaching games we suggest using KGS, the "Kiseido Go Server". Wang Hongjun plays there as Hongjun, Liu Yajie as shuyi.

Our preferred teaching times are 8:00–24:00 Chinese time. This is 24:00–16:00 GMT, 19:00–11:00 Eastern US time, 16:00–08:00 Pacific US time.

At present we can only receive payments to our bank account. You may need to cover the money transaction costs. We will start arrange the teaching games or commenting your games as soon as we receive the payment.

Online teaching games with Wang Hongjun 7p

Price 100 minutes of play time
plus 20 minutes of commentary
total time two hours
70 minutes of play time
plus 20 minutes of commentary
total time 90 minutes
45 minutes of play time
plus 15 minutes of commentary
total time one hour
For 1 game: 60 euros 45 euros 30 euros
For 5 games: 250 euros 190 euros 125 euros
For 10 games: 400 euros 300 euros 200 euros
Special Offer: 20 games 500 euros 400 euros 300 euros

Game commentaries by Wang Hongjun 7p

Price Game commentaries sent by e-mail:
One to five games: 20 euros each game
Six or more games, at least two games sent in each email: 15 euros each game

Price list for teaching by Liu Yajie 2p

Online teaching games 15 euros (10, US$18) per hour
Online lessons 15 euros (10, US$18) per hour
Game commentaries, by email 15 euros per game
Group lessons, for groups of no more than six people 20 euros per hour

Please send questions or comments to Liu Yajie at: yajie@proteaching.com

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